Planet Group Newsletter 11/2014



Issue no. 1 / 2014


1.  xCMS   Product, Trade Registered by Planet Group International

xCMS is a correspondence management solution, made “out of the box” with built in flows, being a complete product, ready to be used and adjusted to a wide range of clients.

As functionalities, the client can:

  • Register the incoming correspondence
  • Distribute incoming correspondence based on the correspondence type
  • Process internal correspondence
  • Initiate, validate an outgoing correspondence and route it for approval
  • Provide a search mechanism to locate a correspondence
  • Generate reports

A version of the solution has been implemented before also at NITA and ETIHAD Rail, and now it is ready for being presented to ADEC – Abu Dhabi Education Council. It is enrolled in the “Certified by EMC solution” catalog.

2.     EPFM Mobile –  Innovation

As everything is mobile, innovation is knocking at our door. Our team has developed a mobile platform on which you can check on the go new tasks, correspondence; you can view, approve or reject a document that is in process, or even to make a comment to a file. In this way, space is not a barrier any more.







3. EPFM Capital Projects Connector To Primavera  P6

Based on previous experiences a new product has been proposed to be enlisted in the EMC solution catalog, now being in Beta release.  It is a connector which maps Primavera project with EPFM project, collaborates and updates the planned start date of the documents with Activity Early Start Date, making a good integration between activities in Primavera with documents in EPFM.  It is in beta phase now, being available on the market soon, as it has been already presented to potential clients who have shown interest.

4.News regarding the NEW certification for EMC Foundations E 10-110 vs. the OLD EMC certification E 20-120 .


The new base certification E10 is not mandatory for all the specialist levels who have taken already the old base certification E 20. The only two specialist level certifications that require the E10-110 exam are the EMCSyA – Systems Administration (E20-465) and EMCApD – Application Developer (E20-495).


5.     EMC Knowledge sharing competition 2015

Now is officially open the EMC competition Knowledge Sharing 2015.

Submit an abstract (2,000 words or less, no more than 4 pages) of your article. The abstract should be an ‘executive summary’ describing your topic, why it is relevant to the IT industry, and what audience may find it particularly useful.

Begin thinking about your prize, and start making the draft!


6.     JMD PLANET – Anniversary

JMD PLANET celebrated 8 years of existence on the local and international market. On this occasion they organized a short teambuilding outside the company, marking the event as they do each year: together.












7.     TUN PLANET – Update

All TUN Planet employees have taken the base certification EMC Foundations E10-110, having finished the theoretical training and being ready to engage in the ongoing projects.












8. PL Planet – Polish Post


Polish Post relies on e- services in order to respond to the social needs. Clients want to have access to mail services anytime and anywhere and don’t want  to lose  time  to go to the post office and stand in queue. The time of postmen and traditional correspondence  seems to come to  an end as the post office offers e – services for individuals, business  sector and institutions.

PL Planet supports Polish Post  in the process of modernization. They are currently working on a system of e-mail and e-invoice. Their success is the adapting of  the system of e-invoices for PGE- supplier of electricity. Since  the moment of its implementation  the system  has generated two million invoices. The platform is able to generate about 100 thousand of documents daily. The solution created  for this client contains 47  templates of documents (invoices, letters, debt collection) and 407 types of documents adapted to all kind of correspondence and categories of the customer.


9.  SEN PLANET – Brief History 2011-2014

Located in Dakar, Senegal West Africa, the branch was created on September the 6th 2011 with only 3 employees. The team of developers participates to missions in and off site embodying definitely the “together we create value” principle, being constantly on the move building “content”.

















– Doina Bejan -

10.  The Matrix is back. Welcome NEO!


What do you choose? The blue or the red pill? Are you ready for the reality? The unreal world from yesterday becomes the reality today. As a proof in this context is the The 8th International Conference “Microelectronics and Computer Science”. During 4 days, students and teachers all around the world demonstrated their latest innovations, revolutionary ideas and transformed the Matrix in the real world (Or the opposite?).

NEOThis year, special attention was paid to Biomedical and Intelligent systems.  Considering the PLANET Group strategic development, where Life Science is the new direction to go, the Biomedical systems section brought the missing pieces of the puzzle. The Health care sector is one of the last to implement the new technologies. There could be invoked multiple reasons, but still the necessity to align with the rest of the sectors arrived. Now you will not be afraid anymore that you cannot read the recipe from your doctor, because it will be the computer to handle the writing. Also, accurate and in time information will be delivered in one place and your doctor will always know the latest result of your analysis, other prescriptions or if you have some medical condition that should avoid a certain medicine to be taken. Its all there, simple as 1,2,3… We, as a group that works with EMC technologies, should be proud of the fact that we can create the history now, in the biomedical systems, by implementing the latest, craziest and best ideas, that will transform the yesterday’s Matrix in today’s reality.

As JMD Planet has always appreciated the reality, we became a sponsor for the conference and also participated, organizing an off-line with the reality survivors, after a great presentation delivered by our colleagues in the section “Computer Science – Intelligent Systems”.

This time the right pill was chosen! Back to reality, all the ideas that rose during the conference will be developed and who knows, maybe some of us will be the new NEO?

Enjoy your work, everybody and don’t forget to Create values. Together!




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