Service Enabled Partner, Level 1 & 2 Support


We are Service Enabled Partner for EMC, being officially authorised for Level 1 and 2 Support, after succesfully undergoing an assessment for proving our technical ability.

   Level 1 support means  that initial response and follow-up responses are provided to the End User for technical assistance and includes the ability to:

  • Take direct responsibility for supporting an End User’s use of the software or hardware product by providing technical assistance (helpdesk) to such end users (i.e., ownership of customer service request );
  •  Clarify the problem or question
  •  Validate that the environment is supported
  •  Compile and maintain a thorough diagnostic diary
  •  Provide known fixes and workarounds for problems, if available
  •  Resolve non-defect problems
  •  Search EMC and other applicable knowledgebases, online self-services and product documentation for known software and    hardware defects and eliminate these as possible issues;
  • Update service requests with all internal & external interactions/communication
  • Use commercially reasonable efforts to eliminate the possibility of the problem being associated to an operating system or other vendor software or hardware issue, (this includes, where necessary, opening support service requests with relevant vendors)
  • Use commercially reasonable efforts to eliminate possibility of the problem being associated to network related issues
  • Receive proactive problem notifications

   Level 2 support  includes  a more comprehensive level of technical support provided to the End User customer. The objective of the Level 2 support is to resolve the problem without escalation to EMC technical support and  includes the ability to:

  • Provide in-depth diagnostics
  • Analyze log files and all other relevant information gathered in Level 1 troubleshooting
  • Research and utilize information from other infrastructure product resources (i.e., OS &networking vendor’s Websites)
  • Use commercially reasonable efforts to replicate the problem in a non-production environment. If the replication attempt is unsuccessful then a complete step by step procedure must be provided outlining the replication attempt including all versions of software and hardware involved including hostnames of machines
  • Provide problem source identification and onsite support , if necessary
  • Log product defects & patch requests with EMC, as appropriate
  • Ensure delivery of patches to End User.
  • Provide proactive defect notifications
  • Resolve issues or provide workaround with workaround verification