RO PLANET – Sponsor of the EMC Quarterly Business Review event for EMEA Emerging Markets

Last week, PLANET Group was one of the two sponsors of the EMC Quarterly Business Review event for EMEA Emerging Markets (East Europe, Middle East, Africa). This event is for EMC to review the activities of the last quarter, to plan the strategy for the next year and to perform Sales training on new products.

This was the first event of this year (2013), at which Bianca Dragan – RO PLANET Executive Manager, Ovidiu Moldovan – RO PLANET Technical Manager and Giovanni Pensa – RO PLANET General Manager had the opportunity to discuss with EMC Executives, Sales and Presales both formally and informally. Among others, Ovidiu had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Rick Devenuti, president of EMC Information Intelligence Group, Bianca had a presentation of the company to John O’Melia, Vice President World Wide Services (Professional Services). It was a good opportunity to meet and develop business relations more personally with some very highly positioned people.

 This event is important for RO PLANET for two main reasons :

  1. It was discussed the EMC Quarterly Business Review, which included also an appreciation at high levels in the EMC Management of our activity – RO PLANET  is a part of their business and The High Management of EMC knows about our projects, and this is why we had a public appreciation of our results, and they outlined the good collaboration between us. RO PLANET - PLANET Group was the main partner highlighted in the presentations.
  1. Kick off  2013 – the strategy defined at higher levels and in the whole industries help us adapting better to their future plans, such as:
    1. In the Energy Sector, Current EPFM will be renamed into EPFM for Contract Projects
    2.  A new product will be released in March, EPFM for Asset Operations (based on D2) who will manage the daily operations after the implementation of a project
    3. EPFM will be merged most probably into xCP 2.0

These strategies and insight information help us to analyse their best-practises and to group or re-group them in solutions for our future plans.

An important outcome of this meeting was that we should focus on preparing and delivering our own solutions in our area of expertise, especially on Public Sector and Finance. We should extract from all the projects we were involved all the best practices and use them to establish a company standard, later on to be re-used by EMC Sales to customers.

And last but not least, on this occasion,  RO PLANET had a direct feedback on its activity. It was a great feeling to hear them talking about our work on projects with respect and appreciation. This is the road we are committed to take.