Product Alert – Documentum Capital Projects 1.10 is GA | July 2015


A member of the EMC Documentum for Engineering, Plant and Facilities Management (EPFM) Suite

EMC Documentum Capital Projects provides secure access to current project documents to enable fast, effective collaboration across project teams. This release is an upgrade to the current Capital Projects 1.9 and is typically deployed on premise in a customer environment.


Documentum Capital Projects enables project teams, suppliers and contractors alike to create, manage, review and approve documentation with secure document control. By giving them fast, easy, secure access to the most current project information. Documentum Capital Projects helps project owners and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies improve operational efficiencies by optimizing critical business processes and increasing the agility of project teams.


In addition to its capital projects information management functionality, Documentum Capital Projects can be configured to interact with EMC Supplier Exchange to extend document delivery and collaboration beyond the enterprise using EMC’s public cloud-based solution.


Documentum Capital Projects and EMC Supplier Exchange are members of the Documentum EPFM solution suite, which combines industry best practices with the enterprise-level capabilities of EMC Documentum, and an architecture that enables tight integration with existing systems. Documentum EPFM solution suite addresses information management challenges for the energy and engineering industry use cases throughout the lifecycle of the project, plant or asset – from design and construction of new facilities to operations and maintenance and eventual decommissioning.


The following diagram illustrates the main components of the Documentum EPFM solution suite. For more information, please read the Documentum EPFM solution suite overview.          

Documentum Capital Projects customers up to date with their maintenance are entitled to upgrade to version 1.10.  Upgrades directly from versions 1.7sp1, 1.8 and 1.9 are supported.

When planning an upgrade, the compatibility with Documentum platform components should also be taken into account as defined in the product release notes.


Documentum Capital Projects is currently available with the following language support:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Br. Portuguese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • French

Please note that the restriction of one language per repository in earlier releases has now been removed allowing customers to share projects across users covering multiple languages.  Each project can also be assigned a default ‘project language’ for non-user specific system messages.

In addition to the localization offerings above, EMC ECD enables qualified ECM Partners to localize Capital Projects in their native language through EMC Partner Localization Program. EMC Partner Localization Program for Capital Projects currently offers localization of Capital Projects 1.9 in Polish.


What does Documentum Capital Projects do?
Documentum Capital Projects is an enterprise-class solution that facilitates information sharing and provides secure document control across the extended enterprise including project team, suppliers and contractors. Users have access to the most up-to-date engineering content, and can collaboratively create, manage, review and approve project documentation.

Documentum Capital Projects enhances the Documentum environment in several key areas:

Document Management

  • Rapid project setup and configuration from template structures with embedded business rules
  • Configurable, role based security model to protect information while working with inter-disciplinary teams across multiple engineering projects
  • Folder, template, and document metadata inheritance to accelerate classification and indexing
  • Configurable document revision model to suit common engineering document control processes
  • Automatic numbering of regulated documents and correspondence
  • Support for Document Sets and Packages to improve productivity and audit trails when working with groups of documents
  • Multi-file CAD editing, including xrefs, title block linking, and pdf rendering of drawings (requires BTM EPFM-CPBridge module)

Review and Approval

  • Configurable project-based processes with Prepare, Verify, Approve lifecycles and parallel or serial review processes
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting functionality
  • Built-in comment consolidation features
  • Integrated support for viewing and mark-up, including burn-in of mark-ups for external distribution (requires IGC Brava and IGC Blazon modules)

Transmittals Management

  • Streamlined transmittal control with full audit trail including incoming requests, internal review and external distribution to multiple parties
  • Automatically populate configurable transmittal cover sheets and comment sheets
  • Automatically generate progress report summaries with transmittal status and location
  • Import and export of distribution matrices
  • Multiple external delivery options, including EMC Supplier Exchange, EMC Syncplicity, ftp or email.

Progress Tracking

  • Monitor project work stages and percent completion in real time using graphical icons
  • Automatically generate progress summary reports, and export progress information to project management systems such as Primavera
  • Define schedule templates with configurable milestones and attach sets of documents to trigger automatic tracking of document progress

Bulk Load and Packaged Export

  • Automated bulk loading of content and progress information using pre-configured templates adhering to inheritance, containment and numbering rules, and incorporating value assistance.
  • Easily export folder structures, documents and metadata for offline access
  • Navigate and view exported structure and content with HTML front end

Handover Support

  • Process document batches for handover to Asset Operations or other external systems including:

o    Mark documents as planned or ready for handover

o    Prepare and validate documents

o    Process documents for handover

o    Generate handover status report

Integrate with External Applications

  • API to integrate with common industry applications such as Primavera, Maximo, SAP Plant Maintenance (requires consulting services or partner solutions) to:

o    Link equipment tag data and related documentation to support provision of documentation to maintenance activities

o    Integrate with work breakdown structures in project management systems

o    Display Documentum Workflow tasks within the Documentum Capital Projects Task interface

Interoperability with Documentum Asset Operations 1.1

  • Share a single repository with Documentum Asset Operations 1.1 (running with D2 4.2), or with D2 4.5.
  • Controlled access to project documents for Documentum Asset Operations users
  • Define browse or view access to Documentum Asset Operations folder structures


  • Selected report templates support output in Excel or PDF format to accelerate loading into external systems for further analysis
  • Report to show overdue actions

Integration with EMC Supplier Exchange

  • Easily integrate with EMC Supplier Exchange by deploying the Capital Projects Connector for Supplier Exchange 1.10, available at no additional cost and downloadable from the Documentum Download Center.

The EMC Supplier Exchange release information should be consulted for full details.


What is new and enhanced in Documentum Capital Projects 1.10?

  • Document Set Support: Group documents into simple dynamic or version controlled sets for use in transmittals or action processes
  • Object Activation: The ability to post-process new documents created by external applications
  • Create a new document from any existing document
  • Holding folders: Upload content of any object type into a holding area within a project
  • Auto-filing enhancements: Auto-creation of folders based on metadata and filing of newly created content
  • Correspondence enhancements: Separate folder structure for correspondence with new locator option
  • Multi-language support: Multiple languages per repository, French added
  • Updated documentation, new Object Reference Guide
  • Brava markup integration enhancements
  • Return to Being Prepared in PVA process
  • Event owner changed from dmadmin in selected activities
  • Lockbox password encryption
  • Many minor enhancements and fixes as detailed in the release notes


Application Interoperability

Documentum Capital Projects 1.10 is supported with the following products:

  • Documentum Platform 7.1 and 7.2
  • Federated Search Adaptor
  • Branch Office Caching Services (BOCS) (licensed as Platform Extensions)
  • Trusted Content Services (TCS)
  • Documentum Syncplicity Connector

Some additional consulting services may be required to configure Capital Projects with the following:

  • Retention Policy Services (RPS) or Certified Records Manager (CRM)
  • Information Rights Management (IRM)
  • Configuration of additional Documentum workflows other than the Process-Action functionality included
  • MyDocumentum for MS Outlook
  • Documentum Connector for MS SharePoint

Please note that Documentum Capital Projects 1.10 is Webtop-based and does not use the xCP or D2 interfaces.  If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the Capital Projects Product Management.





Is a demo of Documentum Capital Projects available?

Yes, an updated demo environment for Documentum Capital Projects is being made available as a downloadable VMWare image.

Are Consulting hours required with each sale of Documentum Capital Projects?

No, but it is recommended that Documentum Capital Projects is deployed with Energy and Engineering professional services or an accredited partner. Total implementation time for a Documentum Capital Projects solution is reasonable, but requires a solid level of expertise. A customer or untrained team trying to implement the solution themselves could result in a problematic project


Can I use the Syncplicity Connector with Documentum Capital Projects?

Yes it is supported with Capital Projects, both for transmittal delivery and for connecting Capital Projects folders to a Syncplicity account.

Can partners sell and implement Documentum Capital Projects?

Yes, but in order to sell Documentum Capital Projects, we require partners to be trained and pass accreditation. In order to implement Documentum Capital Projects, they are required to take training and implement their first solution along with ECD Consulting. MSOD work must be completed by EMC. Contact Martin Richards,, for more details and to schedule accreditations and joint-implementations, and to get a list of accredited partners.

Partner Products

  • Documentum Capital Projects 1.10 integrates with Brava 7.2 from IGC for viewing and annotating various document formats.  Brava pricing is available through the Select partner program.  (BP-CPI-A: SEL BRAVA FOR DOCS CAPITAL PRJ, or BP-CPC-A: SEL BRAVA FOR CAD CAPITAL PRJ).
  • Documentum Capital Projects 1.10 can support the burn-in of annotations into PDFs when sending externally. This option requires the purchase of an IGC Blazon server license, also available through the Select partner program. (BLEDTM: SEL BLAZON ENTERPRISE)


  • CAD integration support, providing support for working from within the AutoCAD or MicroStation CAD applications, support for xrefs, title block linking to metadata and native CAD rendering is provided by the BTM DrawBridge add-on product. This is available through the Select Partner program (SELEPFMCP: SEL EPFM-CPBRIDGE for EPFM)
  • If both BRAVA for CAD and BTM DrawBridge are purchased, then in order to support the viewing of xref CAD files correctly with Brava, the customer will also require the Brava add-in for DrawBridge, also available through the Select Partner Program (SELDRAWBRAVA: SEL DRAWbridge BRAVA FOR CAD Add-in)