EMC Certified Award for CMS Solution

Planet Group International announces the EMC Certification for Correspondence Management Solution – xCMS

Planet Group International is proud to announce the EMC Certified solution: Correspondence Management Solution (xCMS) that is a product of combined knowledge of our experts and a long record of proven successful implementations. The EMC Certified Solution designation is awarded to partners following rigorous review by EMC® Proven Professional Certified Architects and validation by an independent, third-party organization.



How to manage your correspondence effectively

Is your inbox littered with internal correspondence that narrows your pupils while raising your blood pressure? How do you control and manage incoming and outgoing external communication in a way that is independent of the channel that is being used?

Because the rhythm and rhetoric of effective communication exchange is a critical success factor in business performance, mismanagement of it may in fact be a symptom of other weaknesses in your organization. No executive has the time to review and edit all organizations correspondence. So how can managers create a sense of self-consciousness to push organization to take the style and substance of their correspondence more seriously quickly and cost effectively?

With EMC Certified solution for Correspondence Management you could answer all your questions and more.The xCMS from Planet Group International is a powerful solution to gather and register both internal and external business correspondence. xCMS is also not limited to one channel, the solution captures everything from letters, memos, circulars, applications, and routes them to internal employees or management for analysis or response.

The solution tracks and captures all incoming, internal and outgoing correspondence within organization, and routes it to users according to assigned roles and access type. It streamlines assembly and production of outgoing pre-approved and custom-authored correspondence. Any editable document, image or PDF file is easily uploaded from fax, email, and scanner in the application and available to review, replace and delete.

Correspondence Management Solution Reference – Ghana eGovernment CMS

Ghana Government deployed a Corresponding Management System for 102 MDAs and MMDAs under the eGovernment Phase II Project being coordinated by the National Information Technology Agency (NITA), Ministry of Communications.

With e-Government project NITA continued the process of modernizing and transforming the way it offers public services, by effective information management and efficient delivery of services to government and its citizens. e-Government, being an essential component of the e-Ghana project is contributing to improved efficiency, transparency and accountability in selected Government functions.

Together with IPMC as valued local System Integrator and Planet Group international as Solution Provider and Implementation Partner, NITA has succesfully implemented e-Government Correspondence Management Solution (CMS) as part of the e-Workspace Project, that will help them achieve in their endeavors.

To greatly reduce high expenses, difficulties with search, retrieval and sharing of paper documents, NITA has adopted, with a help of Corerspondence Management Solution, a more efficient and less expensive method to manage Information.

More on the NITA Ghana Government Correspondence Management Project, as well as IT initatives, can be found at http://www.nita.gov.gh/government-e-workspace-project