Who are we?

PLANET Group is EMC Consulting Preferred Partner for Implementation Services for EMEA (South Europe, Middle East and Africa). As technology company dedicated to intelligent content management platforms, we gained a significant experience over the last 10 years collaborating with EMC and providing professional technical services for developing complex enterprise software solutions based on content management technology, implemented mainly for Telecom, Banking, Oil and Gas clients.
PLANET Group’s headquarters are in Romania, Cluj, and we also have offices in Milan, Chisinau, Dakar, Varsovia and Cairo. The company currently has dedicated technical teams specialized on EMC platform.Read More...


Mind and Tech
Mind and Technology is what our company is trying, and it has succeeded till now in an admirable way, to offer its clients. It's more than a motto it's our mission. For more than 14 years we managed to work with the latest technologies offering high performance products which made our clients life easier. The careful selection of our personnel and our excellent training programs allowed our company to hire the best specialists in the field.Read More...